Common Diseases Rats Have

Most rodents are the carriers of some sort of disease. In fact, of all the different animal groups on the planet, rodents carry more diseases that are dangerous to human beings than any other class of animal.  Rats fall into the rodent class, meaning they carry a number of diseases as well. Some of these you may be quite familiar with, while others you should know about. Here are some of the more common diseases that rats are known to be the carriers of.

Bubonic Plague 
This is a disease that historically has caused a significant amount of death across the globe at different periods of time. In fact, nearly half of Europe died because of the disease in the late 1500s. This disease is spread by fleas that move from rat to rat, infecting each rat they live on. However, having a flee or a rat-bite you is not the only way you can contract this illness. The bacteria is found in the waste of these animals, meaning if you come in can't at you can contract illness.

This is an illness that is most commonly associated with food poisoning, but you can contract this disease through the droppings of rats as well. What usually happens is these droppings come in contact with food that people eat. The disease spreads throughout the food and, if not cooked properly, can infect you. This disease can also be spread to your pet's food in the same manner. If not treated right away, it can easily result in death.

One of the more common parasites found in rats are tapeworms. As with salmonella, the droppings of these animals is the source of the parasites. What makes this illness more dangerous in particular is that the parasite can become airborne as the feces dries and turns to particles. When stirred up, these particles become airborne, allowing them to get into your respiratory system or onto your skin easily. This is why you need to be extremely careful about cleaning any area where rat droppings are.

Rat-Bite Fever 
This is an illness unique to rats. This is a very serious bacteria, where 10% of people that contract illness will die. This is also spread through the waste of this animal, and can get into your body through a cut on your skin or through food that is improperly cooked.

Murine Typhus 
This, like bubonic plague, is spread through fleas jumping from rat to rat. A person can then contract illness by coming in contact with either the fleas or the rats. For elderly people, this is almost always a death sentence when it is contracted. While these are the major diseases carried by rats, they are not the only ones. You should always be careful when encountering rat droppings in particular. If you find that rats have been living in your business or home, make sure that you protect yourself whenever you are cleaning. Where a surgical mask and goggles, gloves, boots, and cover as much exposed skin as possible. This will help to protect you.

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